To fully embody the spirit of the business, as well as the standout features of the product, product photography concepts are essential tools for leaving a mark in the minds of customers. So what types of product photography concepts should businesses apply? How can you transform an idea into a "wow" product photography concept?

Let's explore with M&M Communications in the article below!

Understanding Concept and Idea

Although both carry the meaning of an idea, there is a distinct difference between concept and idea. Specifically, while an idea is a spontaneous, unpredictable notion, a concept is a refined, selective idea. Simply put, a concept is chosen from suitable ideas.

What is the difference between an idea and a concept? 

Let's say we have business A. In the process of developing a concept for the product photo shoot, to obtain a concept that meets the criteria of the brand as well as the customers, the Marketing team, besides researching the market and competitors, also needs to propose ideas for the concept based on the information obtained. These ideas, once reviewed, selected, and agreed upon, will then begin to be implemented to become a complete concept for the brand's product photo shoot.

What are the steps involved in developing a concept?

As mentioned above, to create a product photo shoot concept that meets the criteria of the business and attracts attention from customers, the production team needs to go through various stages.

1. Research and Gather Relevant Information

The purpose of product photo shoot concepts is always aimed at the users, so to create an impressive concept for customers, the brand needs information related to their needs. In other words, research is essential to understand the customers. The more specific and accurate the research information is, the better it supports the creation of impressive and attractive concepts.

2. Information Processing

After obtaining the necessary information, the production team needs to present various options for the concept. Based on the objectives, the most suitable concepts will be selected. Although the final concept may not be achieved yet, with information processing, the concept options are narrowed down and ensured not to deviate from the criteria of the brand and customers.

3. Creativity

To create product photo shoot concepts that impress customers, creativity is indispensable. Based on the initial ideas, the production team can unleash their creativity to produce distinctive and impressive concepts. Creativity in product photo shoot concepts is not only limited to elements like color, props, or background but also includes flexibility in layout, lighting, etc. All contribute to presenting the product images in the most complete way.

4. Concept Sketching

If it's just an idea in someone's head or described verbally, it can be challenging for a team to visualize the layout, colors, props, and background needed, leading to various issues that may arise during the product photo shoot.

To support the creative process and address any issues arising from misunderstandings about the concept among team members or between the production team and the business, the concept development process needs to include sketching – a crucial step in building product photo shoot concepts.

Sketching images is an essential step in developing product photo shoot concepts.

By sketching each image within the concept, all members of the production team and the brand can visualize more specifically how each product will be arranged (For example: Will the product be photographed against a white or colored background? Will props be included in the shot or not? Will the product be photographed individually or in sets? Will the product be placed at an angle, horizontally, or suspended in mid-air?). Sketching out each image helps everyone gain a detailed understanding of the layout, allowing for adjustments and enhancements to be made accordingly, ensuring that the concept makes the strongest impression possible on customers.

Reveal 4 captivating product photoshoot concept ideas

Based on the ideas, simply cleverly changing elements like location, lighting, background, or props will give you a new concept for product photography. Here are some ideas for product photography concepts that your business can consider:

1. Smoke Effects

One of the unique ideas for creating a product photography concept is using smoke effects. Smoke effects can create an attractive impact, increasing the mystery and allure of the product. Additionally, smoke can create depth, helping to highlight the unique features and details of the product.

From the idea of using smoke to the product photography concept for wine executed by M&M Communications.

2. Suspended Product

By suspending the product in mid-air, you not only give it a distinctive position in each photo shoot but also create images with unique, different, and striking compositions. Additionally, suspending the product in mid-air helps create more multidimensional perspectives. To execute this unique idea, the production team can easily do so by using ropes or clamps to hang the products and then remove them using Photoshop during post-processing.

Explore the photo shooting concept from the idea to the suspended product by M&M Communications.

3. Showcasing product lines within the same concept

Grouping products together for a photo shoot is a smart idea for brands. Because when customers look at the images, they can perceive and compare between the products. This encourages potential customers to be persuaded and purchase the entire product package if the product photography concept impresses them positively.

The different cold brew lines depicted by M&M Communications within the same concept.

4. Linking Products with Models

Brands can showcase the practicality of their products through concepts that link the product with models. Some photography ideas of this nature focus on highlighting the model's hands and capturing moments through various photo shoots.

The images in the concept created by M&M Communications for the Rooster Beers brand. 

There are plenty of ideas for product photography concepts for businesses to choose from and utilize. However, from idea generation to actual photography concept development, it's a process that requires specialized knowledge and resources from the business.

If your business is planning to develop a photography concept for its products but doesn't know where to start or can't execute due to a lack of production team, don't hesitate to contact us - M&M Communications. With a background as a Production House collaborating with numerous domestic and international businesses, M&M Communications is now a comprehensive consulting and support agency providing services in Marketing, Branding, as well as Production for businesses.


Products will appear more standout and appealing when presented with a suitable concept. However, to determine which concept is suitable for the product, businesses need to undergo several stages to transform unique ideas into product photography concepts. In case your business lacks the resources to do so, M&M Communications is always ready to assist you in producing outstanding and attractive product photography concepts.