In the digital age, images and videos are highly effective communication tools on platforms that can attract a large number of potential customers. This has led to the proliferation of production services, garnering attention from brands and businesses.

M&M Production House boasts a team with extensive experience in advertising image and video production. We consistently ensure aesthetic appeal and high-quality output to support brands and businesses in captivating consumers.


Image and video production services play a crucial role in the advertising strategies of businesses and brands due to several key factors:

1. Eliciting emotions and creating a profound impression:

Through harmonious combinations of visual, auditory elements, and engaging narratives, business image and video content can create unique experiences, evoke special emotions, and deeply imprint on the viewers' minds.

2. Effective message delivery:

In addition to eliciting strong emotional responses, the use of images and videos helps viewers easily absorb messages and content compared to traditional text or language. Moreover, utilizing elements such as visual charts, characters, and colors in images and videos helps convey messages in detail and depth without the monotony of text.

Furthermore, images and videos are suitable for various viewer demographics. This means that messages have the potential to spread widely across user communities, thereby creating greater influence and effectively reaching diverse audiences.

3. Establishing high credibility:

The quality of images and videos often reflects the level of investment a business puts into its products and brand. High-quality footage and professionally crafted product images are not just an investment in the market aspect but also a way to build trust. This helps solidify the company's vision and positive impression, creating a strong competitive edge in the eyes of customers and enabling them to make purchasing decisions or interact with the business more confidently.

4. Creating a unique brand identity:

In the ever-changing market landscape, businesses need to seize opportunities to attract customer attention. Images and videos, with their unlimited creative potential, become powerful weapons for businesses to stand out and shine among competitors. They are not only communication tools but also unique storytelling mediums, allowing businesses to showcase their distinctiveness.


The M&M Production House team, with experience collaborating with businesses across various sectors such as F&B, healthcare, fashion, etc., offers a diverse range of production services for your esteemed business, including:


    • TVC advertising

    • Corporate introduction filming

    • Event coverage

    • Product filming

    • Talk show filming

    • Course filming

    • 2D/3D animation


    • Product photography

    • Personal profile photography

    • Company/business profile photography

    • Professional business person photography


Based on the business model and production needs of your company, M&M Production House suggests various prominent production packages that can meet your business requirements.

1. Basic Package

The Basic production package is suitable for promoting one product. The M&M team brings forth content and execution plans that can meet the basic production requirements of your business. We always ensure the aesthetic appeal of the footage, capable of conveying the product's value and brand message to customers. The Basic package will include the following stages:


  • 01 production concept

  • Brief script

  • Production under 3 hours

  • Filming

  • Use of professional cameras

  • Full HD video quality


  • Royalty-free music

  • Video duration from 15 to 30 seconds

  • Number of revisions: 02

*The Basic package has some limitations regarding content and production needs. Businesses can refer to the Premium and Professional packages for more comprehensive options.

2. Professional Package

The Professional production package is suitable for businesses with production requirements for up to 04 products. We provide a variety of content and more professional equipment to align with your production ideas and requirements. Businesses will receive a professional, high-quality product video that reflects the unique characteristics of the business. The Professional package includes:


  • 02 production concepts

  • Detailed script

  • Black and white storyboard

  • Production under 6 hours

  • Filming

  • Use of professional equipment and cameras

  • 4K video quality


  • Creation of Opening, slogan, logo

  • Royalty-free music

  • Video duration from 30-45 seconds

  • Support for 15-second video cuts

  • Number of revisions: 04

3. Premium Package

The Premium package offers detailed, meticulous content production proposals tailored to businesses with a quantity requirement of up to 05 products. The M&M team provides exclusive privileges to support the production process, ensuring the final product is visually appealing, professional, and leaves a profound impression on consumers. The Premium package includes the following stages:


  • 03 concepts

  • Detailed script

  • Color storyboard

  • Production under 8 hours

  • Use of professional equipment and cameras

  • 4K video quality


  • Opening, slogan, logo creation

  • Royalty-free music

  • Video duration from 30-60 seconds

  • Support for 15-30 second video cuts

  • Number of revisions: 05

Types of production offered by M&M Production House:

  • TVC filming

  • Corporate introduction filming

  • Event coverage

  • Product filming

  • Talk show filming

  • Course filming

  • 2D/3D Animation


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1. Cafe Show

Industry: F&B

SOW: Event Shooting

Honored to accompany the International Exhibition Event Cafe Show Vietnam as the Media Sponsor, M&M Production House was responsible for image and video aspects over two days at the event. Our team captured beautiful moments, preserved images, and footage of the bartending competitions, ensuring a visually appealing end product that could elevate the value of the Cafe Show 2023 event.

2. Shiseido 

Industry: Beauty

SOW: Production

Having the opportunity to work with a renowned beauty brand, the M&M team executed product communication photoshoots and produced videos for the Ginza Sparkling Campaign and the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Women's Beauty by Shiseido. We collaborated with the brand to conduct photoshoots for new products, filmed footage to convey the campaign's message and journey, contributing to its successful and radiant execution.

3. A An Rice

Industry: F&B

SOW: TVC Production

In the A An Rice project, M&M Production House conceptualized and produced Key Visuals and TVCs to effectively promote quality rice products from Vietnam. Through the TVCs and Key Visuals, consumers could perceive the credibility and quality of the product, understand the quality of the rice crops, comprehend the process of producing delicious rice, and honor the value of family meals.


M&M Production House is a young, enthusiastic team with extensive experience capable of quickly catching up with market trends and applying them effectively in products.

We possess state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-quality images and footage, meeting all customer needs.

Optimizing customer costs is our top priority. We understand the importance of costs that businesses need to incur and provide efficient production packages at reasonable costs for each business's budget.

The M&M Production team is ready to accompany and support businesses in delivering visually appealing end products, contributing to building the image of the business in the minds of customers.

We understand that images and videos are not just communication tools but also ways for businesses to tell stories and attract customer attention. With our professional and creative team, we will support turning all your ideas into reality, from crisp images to impressive and creative videos.

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