The buying trend of modern consumers is gradually changing. They are shifting from traditional in-store shopping to online shopping. In response, businesses have realized that the old approaches are no longer effective and they want to adapt to reach their target audience while saving on budgets.

Today, besides common advertising tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tiktok Ads..., there are several  tools that are gradually becoming prominent. Below, M&M Communications introduces 3 advertising support tools that will help you "catch up" with customers immediately to optimize revenue for your business: Unicorn Ads, Adsets and Ad Creative Bank.

Unicorn Ads 


Unicorn Ads is considered as a massive database containing more than 1,000 top Shopify stores in the advertising industry and organized according to related product niches. Additionally, the platform also supports creating promotional videos on social media ad videos to boost. businesses’ sales and brand growth.

Furthermore, the platform also possesses thousands of advertising strategies used by leading e-commerce businesses to scale up and increase their online sales volume.

Moreover, Unicorn Ads also supports businesses to research and preview the effectiveness of new advertising methods, helping to partially eliminate some of the inefficient tasks in the industry that humans should not perform in modern digital marketing processes. So, what benefits can Unicorn Ads bring to businesses?

- Rate ads and provide businesses with accurate insights into prominent advertisements currently present in the database.

- Predict data to allocate advertising resources effectively, bringing efficiency to businesses.



Adsets is a platform created to help customers discover outstanding advertising activities in the industry, especially advertisements from leading companies in various fields. It aims to assist customers in understanding their competitors better, allowing them to formulate highly effective advertising strategies. Adsets provide businesses with useful search tools such as:

- Searching for high-performing ad collections currently active in the market.

- Finding outstanding designs across multiple platforms.

- Offering highly creative and outstanding advertising content in the field.

Ad Creative Bank  


Similar to Adsets, Ad Creative Bank is designed as a showcase dedicated to creative content and modern digital methods in the advertising industry. This platform is also a valuable resource for users to get inspiration and learn new marketing methods from other competitors in the industry. Moreover, Ad Creative Bank also supports businesses in generating new ideas to effectively increase revenue.

The article above M&M Communications has provided information to help you understand more about new advertising tools for businesses. In general, using tools to identify customer approaches based on online platforms is one of the top priorities for many businesses. This allows them to meet the demands of growing their sales volume, increasing brand recognition, and contributing to building stronger businesses in the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution.