In the 4.0 era, advertising videos with strong coverage across platforms are becoming the leading tool for businesses to reach target customers. So what is video advertising and what are the benefits that video advertising brings to businesses? Let's explore M&M Communications in the article below.

What is video advertising?

Being one of the most popular methods of marketing products and services from the past to the present, advertising videos were first known through television advertising and then developed into additional forms of advertising videos. online as the internet develops. Simply put, an advertising video is a form of video that is filmed, posted, and shown to advertise a business's product, service, or brand.

What benefits does investing in video advertising bring to businesses?

According to many studies, we tend to remember information presented in visual form better than words or sounds. So to attract customers, advertising content for products and brands not only needs to be carefully invested in words but also needs to be presented with attractive images, especially with advertising videos. Because investing in video advertising will bring many great benefits to your business.

1. Increase recall ability

As mentioned before, we tend to remember information in the form of images and videos better and more sensitively than regular words and sounds. Specifically, information from images is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information from videos transmitted to the brain is images.

So even though it conveys the same content, it is in text form with too many words, the reader will quickly feel bored and easily skip the article, leading to product and brand information often being missing. fully received by customers, so it is difficult to stay in the customer's mind.

Meanwhile, with the use of advertising videos, the above risks are easily overcome. Because advertising videos contain a lot of information that has been largely transformed into attractive and eye-catching images, helping the brain process more quickly.

2. Increase competition

Previously, most of the content used to advertise products and brands was in the form of images and text. Because they are considered simple and familiar forms of advertising for both businesses and customers. However, the familiarity of these forms of advertising is also the cause of boredom for customers. Born and became an advertising method that brings novelty to Marketing campaigns, advertising videos help businesses increase the competitiveness of their brands and products in campaigns. 

Specifically, image and text advertisements always have certain limitations, somewhat limiting creativity in how to convey information to customers. As for advertising videos, you can unleash your creativity. In addition, you can use advertising videos to tell a story, and build, and guide viewers' emotions. From there, the characteristics of the brand or product will be retained more easily in the minds of customers. The above factors help advertising videos increase the competitiveness of businesses.


3. Access a large customer base

Before the advent of the internet, video advertising was mainly known through TV. Although there are no specific statistics, with fixed appearances during prime time frames, advertising videos still help businesses reach a large number of customers naturally. Currently, in the strong development trend of the Internet, video advertising is not only known as a traditional form of Marketing but also an effective modern form of Marketing with support from the internet. Appearing on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, ..., if advertising videos are emotionally touching, melodious enough, and images are engaging enough, they will quickly become viral (popular) and popular with a large number of people. known by internet users.

According to many studies, up to 45% of internet users today spend about an hour watching videos on Facebook or YouTube every day. By advertising products and brands with videos and posting them on social networking sites, your business can reach a large number of potential customers and measure the number of interested people. to your products and brands through views, interactions, or comments.

It can be said that advertising videos in the 4.0 era are not just a form of marketing a business's product or brand. Going beyond that, advertising videos become a bridge to help businesses get closer to customers, and understand what customers care about and their reactions to their products and brands through measurable data, measurable on social media platforms.

Although it brings many benefits to businesses, advertising videos will still not be able to ensure optimal effectiveness if there is no appropriate approach or content conveyed to customers. To help businesses overcome that situation, M&M Communications, as a multitasking agency, has been cooperating with many businesses and brands in Marketing campaigns and is always ready to support you in producing high-income advertising videos. 


In the 4.0 era - when the internet and social networking platforms are constantly developing, advertising videos have become a marketing method that brings many great benefits to businesses. However, for an advertising video to bring benefits to a business, it must be invested properly with appropriate content and methods.